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John and Chris MickmanAbout Our Company

Since learning to make wreaths from our Norwegian born grandmother Johanna as young boys, John & Chris Mickman have enjoyed making and selling Christmas Wreaths in the family wreath business. After founding Mickman Brothers, Inc. in 1975 the brothers began operating their own wreath business for to supply Holiday Evergreens as personal gifts, gifts for corporate clients and as a fundraising opportunity for youth oriented nonprofit organizations.

Over the decades we have worked hundreds of thousands of individuals and with companies throughout the country, supplying Fresh Holiday Evergreens to those that are a meaningful part of their lives and businesses.

Our vision is to ‘Leave the environment in a better and healthier state than when we found it by sharing Earths natural gifts to enhance the lives of others’. A part of each Holiday Gift we send each year is funding for the planting an evergreen seedling www.NaturesHolidayGifts.com. To date our replanting program has funded the planting of over 700,000 seedlings in national and state forests in 48 US States. We have been honored to be recognized for the commitment to our ideals in many ways, including:

  • US SBA Award – Minnesota Small Businessmen of the Year
  • US Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service-National Action Award
  • Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources-Award of Excellence

We believe our Holiday Gift Giving Programs provide the highest value, easy to navigate online store and best customer service in the industry. Our staff and I pledge to do everything we can to make the Holiday Gift(s) you send this season the most meaningful and appreciated gift ever!

John S. Mickman