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Conservation Efforts

Conservation Efforts

Happy Holidays now — and for future generations!

With each fresh Holiday Evergreen product purchased, Mickman Brothers funds the planting of an evergreen tree in one of our country’s state or national forests. This tree planting program, which was initiated in 2007, has funded the planting of over 600,000 trees in 21 States — all in  honor  of the person receiving each Holiday Evergreen gift.

Chris & John Mickman

Conservation Fact

Balsam trees are not cut down to make our holiday products. We use the tips of the branches, giving the tree a 'hair cut'! The trees regenerate and can be used again every 3 years!
Nature's Holiday Gift Lists: To see the names in whose honor a tree has been planted each year, please click on the buttons below
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Chris and John Mickman

We have funded the planting of over 250,000 seedlings in 19 states in our nation’s forests.


We have to admit that planting trees is one of our favorite endeavors!

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Some plantings are done by hand, and some by machine.

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Brother Chris working on a tree planting crew in Sand Dunes State Forest in Minnesota.

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One of the hundreds of thousands of trees planted by Mickman Brothers. Grow, little guy, grow!

Planting Tree Seedlings

Planting Tree Seedlings
Planting Programs include reforestation of areas scorched by forest fires

A letter written by the CA Forest Service

A letter written to us by the CA Forest Service.

Planting Trees is hard work

Planting trees on rocky mountains is hard work!

One must be careful

One must be careful not to plant any seedlings in dry creek beds for fear of a flash flood washing out the young trees!

Although it was very dry

Although it was very dry during the plantings, plentiful Spring rains made for an excellent success rate!

A young pine tree planted

A young pine tree planted adjacent some indigenous bushes.

Founding Members

As founding partners of the Balsam Bough Partnership, we initiated many programs to protect and enhance Minnesota’s Balsam Forests.


Minnesota DNR Division of Forestry Award of Excellence in 2001 for exemplary bough harvesting practices and education.

Anoka County

2004 Anoka County Community Conservationist award for Mickman Brother's past, and ongoing efforts to promote responsible use of our natural resources.

Small Business Award

2003 Small Businessmen of the Year Award for their professionalism, integrity and level of commitment to their staff, customers and community.